Email Hosting Control Panel

Login to the control panel using the link below to manage your email accounts: You can: 1.) Create new email accounts 2.) Edit existing email accounts 3.) Change passwords for existing email accounts 4.) Delete existing email accounts

Host Orlando Name Servers

Name servers store the internet directory information that connects your domain name to your website and email hosting. Essentially, name servers tell the internet where to find your website and where to deliver your email. Our name servers are: If you registered your domain name with Host Orlando, we automatically set your names… READ MORE

How Do I Renew a Domain Name

Domain Name Renewal Instructions Login to your account at: Click ‘My Domains’ Click ‘Renew Domain’ Note: If you don’t remember your password please use the ‘Request a Password Reset’ link to recover your password. Use the email address of record with your account to recover your password.

What is My FTP Address?

To determine your FTP address: Login to your Web Hosting Control Panel at: Click a domain name from your Website List Your FTP information will be listed on the General Tab in the Viewing and Editing > Edit Your Site section. You can use any FTP Client to connect to your website. FileZilla is… READ MORE

Mail Server Settings

Below is a list of optional server settings for you to choose from when setting up your email client. The following settings all use a secure SSL connection: If you would rather not use a secure connection you can use these settings: Notes: We recommend using IMAP. See our article on IMAP -vs- POP Our… READ MORE